S&R Medical

Hi there. New guy here. Joined to get into the medical side of Search and Rescue as a pilot. I’d appreciate your recommendations for a good ship. What does ADI fly for this type of mission?

Thanks in advance,

Cutlass Blue would be a good start; ab Hope class Endeavor if you have the budget.

Cutass Blue? Or Red?

I’d think Red…

Yeah, red.

Thanks! I thought Cutlass Red would fit the bill.

Depending on the modularity of fittings I can see the Avenger being a neat little CSAR bird one day.

I see a two seater variant with jump seats in the back for rescuees. second seater would be your medic and recovery guy, be even better if you can fit some kind of mini tractor for pilot lassoing.

Only problem is I honestly don’t see this keeping some busy often. In larger battles yes, but how would you know which system to patrol… this would be very miss with an rare occasionall hit.

Have you played 2.0? That would give you the start of an answer :wink:

2.o, Alpha and Beta will be completely unrepresentative of the PU. There is nothing to lose at the moment, credits, ships, and lives.
If the PU all combat will be costly in repairs, munitions and lost ships. Add to this this death mechanism… total change to play style.

Do you mean S&R in general or were you referring to the Avenger mod comment?

If in general, I can see your point. Like driving around all night in an ambulance looking/hoping for a car wreck. But, it seems to me that Space is going to be a somewhat dangerous place and any ADI expedition might find itself in need of medical evac. I’ve looked at the map and those places where it says, “There be dragons?” Yeah. Better bring a couple of band-aids. :astonished:

Been thinking about it more and maybe this will be a busier trade than I think… anyone have E&D exp and does S&R exp?

I’ve had the same concern… how busy will S&R be… if ships are lost… as long as the player survived I think there’ll be work to do… otherwise, they respawn and move on.

I’ve tossed Exploration vs S&R for a while… here I signed on as S&R… still unsure.

Don’t forget that 90% of the universe is populated by NPC. Those missions will be artificially generated for most part.

Also do not forget that there, assumably, will be hundreds of thousands playing all the time. With a job board populating and our own job board, I think there will be enough to meet your fancy.

Hi All,

New here, I too am looking to get into the Medical Specialist S&R field, as I have been reading and looking through the forum, I’ve noted that not many have chosen this field or are still in the waiting wings like myself.

10 yrs US Army Medical, I get tired of run and gun and always look for games that can handle a bit more of the realism of life. The medical field looks like it will be a great place to go, I am hoping SS takes it to a very enjoyable field.

Thanks for having me and am hoping to lend all my experience and make new friends.

Don’t just think players, you’ll have a lot of NPCs to rescue as well… 9 to 1 NPC to Player ratio.

for S+R I would say the cutlass red as that is our only true ambulance ship at this moment. if you are talking hospital ship I would then say perhaps the constellation and the catapillar could be viable options outside our lone option of the endeavor.
if you have any other questions feel free to pm me.