Running on a macbook pro

Hello everyone, prospective member here. I’ve talked with the recruiter and everything so don’t shit all over me for not being an official member. I’m using a macbook pro and plan to partition my drive to run windows so I can get star citizen. I’m saving up for all of that right now. But my question is whether or not I should be able to run SC through bootcamp. Here are my specifications:

Macbook Pro (13 ince, Mid 2012)
2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
8GB memory 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Thanks for your time.

Hello CalfEggs,

Nobody is going to shit all over you because you come ask a question here, don’t worry :smiley:.

To answer your question, it is 99% sure you won’t be able to run Star Citizen with this build. Even if it was a computer running Windows, you couldn’t get a satisfying experience with that build (only extreme tweaks would manage to get the game running). Add to that the cost of virtualization…

We tend to not like pooping on people :laughing:

To go along with Sangoria here, I would agree that running Star Citizen won’t be possible here. Your main issue is your graphics capability, although your CPU could also be an issue.

Integrated graphics can barely handle Minecraft at 25-30 fps, if you’re lucky, so Star Citizen isn’t really going to work. From the RSI site, “DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM” is listed under minimum requirements. Integrated graphics doesn’t have any dedicated VRAM. And keep in mind that this is the current minimum. 2GB VRAM is probably going to be needed to run things smoothly. Also, to touch on your CPU, if it’s the Core i7-3520M, it does not have the minimum 4 cores required (it only has 2).


I run SC on a Macbook Pro early 2013, using a GT 650M graphics card. While I have to do some resolution / CryEngine tweaking and the computer runs very hot while playing, Star Citizen runs quite well. I do, however, use the GT 650M and not the integrated graphics.

I currently run SC off of a partition in bootcamp. I have a Parallels setup on my OS X partition, but would never use that for gaming, especially SC.

All in all, I would say that it’s definitely possible for now. As more modules come out and the game nears a full release, you’ll definitely want to look into getting a legitimate rig. Playing on a laptop is just a temporary solution for me, and I intend on getting a better rig later this summer or year.

Finally, if you do decide to give this a shot, I would advise looking at this link for assistance in tweaking: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … d-graphics

Good luck!

The CPU should be fine… the Intel graphics I think is going to be a no go.

Looks like you and I have very similar plans then. I may end up getting stuff and just praying that my dual core can do something about it. It may be dumb, but I’d like to get a tracker hornet while I still can.

The sale deadline was the only reason why I took the risk and bought the game to see if it would run on my laptop. I mean… even if it didn’t, I could just wait out until I had a new computer and then have a cool ship waiting for me :wink:

Yeah that’s exactly my mentality with it:P