Rubbenskii's intro

hello everyone , my name is nino , 25 living in a beautifull medieval city in belgium. i work where we make transmissions for off road vehicles , heavy duty transmissions.
been part of SC since 2016.
looking for an new experience in a new org thats active.
cheers nino / Rubbenskii

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Welcome to ADI!

Hello Rubbenskii! We are certainly active… stop in the Mumble next time you’re on, we have a dedicated EU contingent as well as people all over the world if you’re on at strange hours. Are you more on the engineering or machining side of the transmission building business? And what are you flying in SC these days?

more the assambling it , its an american company in belgium and spread all across the world .
i like flying everything from small fighters to big exploration vessels .
thats why i got a bit of everything in my hangar

Hello Rubbenskii, welcome to ADI. I look forward to flying with you in the verse soon. Sharpe

Welcome to ADI Rubbenskii. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to participation in ADI’s mining exercises.

Welcome to ADI!

Hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI :smiley:

There’s a large jump for my brain to reconcile between medieval Belguim and heavy duty transmissions. Welcome to ADI Rubbenskii. Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse.

thx , yeah its a big diffrence xD

Hi Nino, Welcome to the Org!
Medieval cities are awesome as they remind me of simpler times and complete change in scenery which is always good.
Very cool stuff bud, anyways just wanted to welcome you to ADI and if you need any in-game or technical support, don’t forget you can always drop a message on the appropriate channel in ADI on discord or on the forums.

Welcome to ADI Rubbenskii :slight_smile:

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