RSI Ship Specs



I’ve been bored at work and since RSI’s website is blocked I got creative… I have limited Excel/Sheets skills but here’s what I’ve made so far… This info is scrapped daily… I was getting tired of looking at outdated data that others had compiled… Any suggestions or advice on how to make it more useful/better would be greatly appreciated along with an explanation of how to do it :smiley:


What are you looking to do?

Just trying to make a convenient source of up-to-date info regarding the ships. It’s far from done, but as I said earlier my skills are limited so I don’t even know what all I could do. If I can make it more useful in anyway for other people then hooray!

I understand, was just curious. Just to point out to you though, RSI is updating the ships… so you’ll be re-updating your spreadsheet again soon. :astonished:

it’s set up to download hourly from [url]Ship Matrix - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 and that way it’s always up-to-date… Again, I’m so no familiar with the interweb/macros/coding that it’s been a month long process to get this far… lol… One of the hardest issues that I can’t figure out is…

When data from the site is downloaded into the cells, they come in as ‘10.0 m’ and I have to manually “find and replace” the ‘m’ so that Sheets (google) will recognize it as a number… I can’t figure out how to get around that problem so that it’s fully automatic update w/o me having to go though and drop the units off of all the numbers…

Download the raw data into your spreadsheet, use text to columns to separate the numbers and text. This could be done with macros, but not sure exactly how to get that done… as usual I would need to sit down and play with it to get it to work. :frowning:

That at least gives me a place to start looking! Thank you for your help. I really hope to get it to be something useful!

I don’t suppose you could put (m) at the top of the column to show that the columns entries are in meters and then truncate the data coming from RSI to leave out the m that is tacked onto the end and only import the number value itself?

Not a programmer, just a suggestion :slight_smile:

funny enough that is what i’ve done. Under the ‘Organized Data’ sheet I have (m) in the title column and I’ve manually removed the ‘m’ from the raw data, but the problem is figuring out how to write a script/something that drops the ‘m’ from the raw data w/o my help…

Thank you Legatin for your help! the ‘text-to-column’ worked perfectly! Thank you! Now to split more data, like engine quantity/size/name! But, first I have to find where that data is on RSI’s webpage…

I came across this, but I have no idea where they get the data from… … =370422206

A reply on a different forum was this, "Nothing on the web site is worth your time. It’s not remotely accurate or current.

If you see a weapon spreadsheet it’s a result of deencrypting and exporting game files. "

So… yup…

awesome, a spreadsheet like this will come in handy as the development progresses because some of us aren’t able to fly around just yet. I’m still not sure what ships i want to end up with but a guide like this would sure make my decision easier

They scrap the data from the xml game data files. The website is outdated so pulling directly from the game is the safest way to get accurate stats.

This link may help. Found it awhile ago and its not up to date but it should give you some ideas .