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New to the Star Citizen and hoping to meet people to play and have fun with. Living in Japan so schedules may be a work around.
Open book and easy going.

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Hi @RevRobins, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying atm?

@RevRobins Welcome aboard man! you’ll find yourself liking it here! See ya around!

Welcome to ADI Reverend. I’m glad you joined the team. We’ve got a couple members playing in Japan, so you’re not alone. What division are you looking at joining?

Hey Rev, pleased to meetcha. We do have a few folks that are at least playing in similar/adjacent time zones (if not Japan itself), so you might find you’re not so lacking in wingmen/women on the same schedule as you think. What kind of activity do you see yourself doing in the current alpha?

If you have a multi-crew cargo ship or are into things like mining or bounty hunting where it’s the more the merrier, you might try posting into the Job Board section and asking if there’s anyone in ADI and that part of the world that might want to tag along with you.

Welcome, @RevRobins!

I’m actually also living in Japan as well. Happy to have someone in the same time zone!

Do you have a type of gameplay you enjoy? As for navigating the time difference, I wouldn’t worry too much! More often than not there will be some people on Mumble! See you around!

Hallo Rev and welcome.

Good evening everyone,
Sorry for the late reply I was a long 30+ hour shift that didnt seem to end.

I will be responding to everyone individually.

I am flying the AVENGER TITAN at the moment as a starter ship. Still have an issue where when I quantum jump my cargo is destroyed though lol.

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Thanks brotha, lets fly around the verse some day.

I am currently joined up with Fleet Security since I am still a green horn to the game. I work my way through all the certs eventually though.

Thank you for the tip. I will look around the job board and post when I can. At the moment I am still a child in a candy shop just looking around. So exploration and tinkering is my play style at the moment.

This will make it easy to wing up and have some fun around the verse.

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Thank you very much, good to be here.

Lol, got to live SC and the ‘freatures’

Welcome, It was good to meet you last night! Have fun and we’ll see you around.

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