Hey all,

I received an invite in my email after doing some RSI forum posting, I assume sent from one of your recruiters. After reviewing the Clan Info, it seems like a good group.

I have some previous flight sim experience, IL2, Cliffs of Dover, DCS (BlackShark), and War Thunder.

I also played Elite Dangerous for a while but sort of drifted off.

I have a small ARMA group that I play with and make missions for once a week and also play a bit of Overwatch on the side.

In SC I currently have a Cutlass Blue, Buccaneer, and Vanguard Harbinger. I look forward to the opportunity to fly with you and help provide Fleet Escort and possibly ground support. Thanks for the Opportunity.

Welcome Cobol!

Great to have you join us! Would be happy to have you escort my ships on an exploration mission :slight_smile: Saw you already on Discord and it looks like Nova is getting you set to go on Mumble. Looking forward to many adventures coming soon.

Hi ReverendCobol,

I’m glad your joining us. You have some good ships there–those will be helpful to us all, I’m sure. I hope you find ADI to be a welcoming place. I love this community. 3.0 is coming out soon so hopefully I’ll see you around with that new content rolling out. Best wishes to you as you get to play with the ADI community.

Hi Reverend Cobol,

welcome to the org. I’m sure, that you find a lot of mates here, that will fly with you in the verse, maybe we see each other next time flying your cutlass or one of my ships in multicrew fun



Hey there ReverendCobol, welcome to the ADI community - it is great to have you joining us.

Its good to see more players with a background in flight sims joining our group, that will certainly help when the game is in a more playable state.

If you ever have any questions about the organization, its policies, or anything else SC related - please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the team leads (though it is generally a good idea to start with the team leads in your division).

Furthermore, if any of your ArmA friends have Star Citizen or are considering picking it up, please dont hesitate to send them our way, we area always looking for more skilled players who enjoy working with others!

Anyway - welcome again and I look forward to gaming with you.
Dont be a stranger and hop on mumble from time to time!

Thanks folks. Infandus, I do have a few other folk I fly with that I’ll try to convince to join up. One has a Connie, a reclaimer, and a Hornet, but he’s sorta been burned by getting lost in big orgs/clans in the past so is reluctant - I’m hoping to change his mind over time. Another has just the base model mustang alpha but is also a big flight simmer who’s waiting for the game to launch to invest any real time in it (I’ll get him to come around).

I’m really waiting for 3.0 to drop to tune my flight curves and figure out how to set up my flight setup right now so I probably only have a few hours actually in game tinkering around. Assuming I go full hog/addict on this one, I may even restart my PIT/custom peripheral tinkering (I had a prototype breadboarded out for a programmable “keyboard” style peripheral that I had working in Elite Dangerous that should carry over nicely).