Returning after very long illness

Hey guys; sorry I haven’t been here personally; I have come back from a very long illness (no not covid-19 I dare say). My son informs me that he was playing and changed some of my ships. Oh dear what a mess.


Welcome back loggerhead. What patch did you last play?

Welcome back Loggerhead. I remember when you left. I’m glad you’re feeling better and back with us again.

It’s been a while I think 3.10x was the last time. I see not too much has changed except my hangar. Ha my son is avoiding me atm, I’ve put in a ticket to revert my account. Not his fault it’s mine for letting him try the game on my Pc

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Thanks for the welcome. As stated above my account is in a mess. Put in a ticket to see if they can sort it out. It’s my fault nobody else’s If I can’t get it sorted now I’ll just have to wait till January now. He used my October’s Buyback token. Sheesh I miss my Terrapin. Been using a c8x for box running and well I don’t particularly like the caterpillar . Just have to wait and see what happens.

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Welcome back Loggerhead and good to hear you are feeling better!

Welcome back, yeah different ships for different people. I hope they resolve your mix up for ya. Otherwise yea, may just have to wait till Nov sale.

Welcome back. Glad you are doing better.

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back! See you are the Verse

Well just logged in and really couldn’t believe my luck - Cig in their infinite wisdom provided me with a buy back token; now I just have to work out how much more cash I require to buy back the UEE EXPLORATION 2948 pack. :slight_smile: wow and I really don’t know what to say.

Welcome back!

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