Requested a Refund for All Purchases

Hey folks,

I don’t know whether this issue is unique with me or something that everyone is experiencing. I have bought three ships so far (a Gladius, an F7C Hornet, and an Origin 325a). Everything works fine for a while, but then eventually I can only spawn the stock versions. Once this happens, my only option is to do a character reset as I can’t even access anything in my Vehicle Loadout Manager. At least with the Origin 325a, I was getting back all the customized options that I paid real cash for, but with the other ships, I would lose all weapon/component upgrades that I spent aUEC for, along with the aUEC itself. In other words, hours of taking on missions to make cash down the drain. I have done two character resets so far in the span of two days, and it’s happened for the third time. This makes the game unplayable.

I figured maybe I can make myself useful, and so I decided to submit a report on the RSI Issue Council. Here there are three options that you can choose for your report: Star Citizen Alpha 3, RSI Launcher, and Web Customizer. I figured Star Citizen Alpha 3 is the option I should go for since this is an in-game bug and not an issue with the launcher or the ship customizer. I took the time to make a detailed report using the Origin 325a as my main example, only to have a user select INVALID as this is not an issue on the PTU. Nowhere does it specify that you need to report bugs separately for the live game and for the PTU.

Long story short, if I need to reset my account every day, this makes the game unplayable. And if I can’t submit a proper bug report, that there’s no point entirely. Hopefully my refund (US $320) comes through soon. I will try the game again once it’s more stable. It was a fun six days while it lasted.


I would say to be patient as there have been multiple points in the development of the game where game breaking bugs have occurred and been fixed. If the issue you described is not an issue in the PTU then it should be fixed when the PTU build rolls over to live.

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@SolHawk, my post was invalidated specifically because I used the Origin 325a as my prime example. According to the user, you cannot purchase/customize the Origin 325a on the PTU with real-world cash, and so it’s invalid. That doesn’t say anything about the issue being fixed.


I second what Solhawk said. As long as you still have the customized items in your hangar on the RSI Website then you are good. They will get to this bug in due time. As for bug reporting and submitting it in the wrong place I totally understand that it is frustrating. I did the same in the beginning.

One way forward for you could be to hop on mumble and ask if anyone that is online can help walk you through the bug reporting system RSI has in place etc. Could that be a way forward for you here?

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Hey, sorry to hear about your frustrations, this is a bug that has for me only existed in this most recent patch. And I hope will not be in the next. We are here to help if you need any.

@PheonixLucror @Nilen That’s a good idea. I think I will ask someone on Mumble where the right place is to post bug reports for the PU as opposed to the PTU. I hope I got those terms right.

@Blaze2k20, I also had a problem with 325A, accidentally ejected the seat and the ship became useless because the ship would not be in the ship once respawned.

  • I ended up turning it into store credits and getting a different ship.

You are correct in your terminology.

the test server is referred to as PTU.

The normal server is to referred to as the PU or easier LIVE.

RSI knows this can cause confusion and I belive they prefer to refer to the PU as LIVE

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