Reporting for duty

Hey everybody,

I am new to ADI but joined Star Citizen back in 2013.

Team work is a big part of me so I see ADI as a great future home for me.
In the past I have played ArmA 3, EvE Online.

In real life I just graduated as a commercial helicopter pilot.

I look forword to flying with all of you and having a great time

Hey there and welcome Lacoste.

Teamwork is also a big thing here, because not many multiplayer games would work without :slight_smile:

Looking forward seeing you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome, Lacoste! Teamwork definitely makes the dream work. We are a very collaborative org and it just makes things more fun. Gongrats on the recent graduation. Again, welcome to ADI. See you on Discord and Mumble.

Welcome to aboard, we are all teamwork lovers here :wink: Hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI mate, looks like caeci already beat me to the saying, but anywho looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI it was a pleasure meeting you.

Hey Lacoste, always good to hear we have some one joining up that already knows how to fly in real life. Looking forward to flying with ya. Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI Lacoste glad to have u part of the org

Greetings Lacoste,

Was a pleasure getting to meet you last night! Look forward to some more adventures here very soon in the 'verse and welcome to ADI.

Thank you very much guys :slight_smile:

welcome to ADI, glad to have you with the org. and thats awesome your a helicopter pilot :smiley:

Hello Lacoste,

Welcome to ADI. Glad you join our jungle for new journeys in Star Citizen.
I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Happy you have your license. Now start your engines and fly with us.

See you around discord, mumble and the verse.