Refreshing my Mumble Cert

Hey, I’m trying to get back in the Mumble server to make sure my name tags are all unified as I’ve changed my RSI account name since a long time ago, any certificate for connect that I had is long gone.

Can I get someone with the authority to talk me through getting hooked back into the server?



This is what I’m looking at right now.

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Hello! Just put a 1 at the end of your name and you should be ok to hop on mumble. After that a staff member will be able to verify and then recertify you

I’m having the same issue with mumble. I hope I can get some help?..

Follow the instructions for setting up mumble here:

When you get to this screen -

In the username field, type in your RSI handle with a 1 on the end. So for example: Koldrage1

Connect to mumble, and hold tight, all staff will be alerted to being on, and somebody will come and register your new certification after verifying it’s really you.

Please save your mumble cert in a safe place, so the next time you need it, you don’t have to go through this process.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve changed my name to Koldrage1 on the server…

Great news, glad we were able to fix that for you!

All the help is greatly appreciated…