Red ochristra 2 will be free to get for 24

After the 24 you can keep the game for free mabye good idea to pick it up

I highly suggest you get this game. I have played this game(series) since the mod of Unreal Tournament 2004 and I absolutely love it. Realistic first person shooter Germany against USSR eastern front. Rising Storm mod is the pacific theatre. One shot kills often, no crosshair. Rifles, sub machine guns, machine guns, heavy machine guns, tanks, sniper rifles, pistols, satchel charges, hand grenades, artillery strikes (even rocket artillery). Territory mode: one side attacks and captures objects and has to capture all objects within time. Countdown mode: a combination between territory and counterstrike type rounds. Search and destroy mode: counterstrike like mode.

I play this within clan scene and we have won tournaments and ladders back in the days and even couple of months. Check this game out!