I was contacted by one of your members and unfortunately I don’t remember his name. He had me bookmark your sight and return to it when I was interested in joining. I’ve been contacted by a few others but have found I like what ADI is doing in game. I’m old gamer and by that I remember when WC and Privateer first came out. Unfortunately I haven’t kept up with all the new games or systems. I haven’t even actually set up team speak before today. Your member explained to me that your group is a little older than some of the kid groups that are out there and that’s what I’m looking for, people more my age (54). Former Marine and currently work in an ammo plant here in Nebraska. I don’t get to play much when I do I want to be able to hold my own and back up friends in a TEAM atmosphere. My kind of play will fall more on the line of Cargo runs and back up team mates. I’ve recently purchased a Cutlass Black and am a lil concerned they’re already labeling it as a Pirate vessel. I liked the cargo space and the simplicity in the ship. I’m assuming you already have my email but if not [email protected]
I’m usually in the general chat area of SC too. My name is Cannelure Nissi. Also one last thing…
I’m really getting tired of running into asteroids. My current piloting skills rank just below crap.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you for your time


Can you please jump on our TeamSpeak when you have a moment and we can get you all setup.


I’m trying. TeamSpeak is brand new to me and am trying to install it, but the updates are giving me a fit

I installed TS but it won’t let me do the updates

Are you in the US…if so eamil me your number and I can call you if you [email protected]

Sempher FI Caniss. Hope to see you here. I have just joined myself