Recruit Prospect

Callsign: CombatDave86
Bio: Looking for mature, professional group of like minded individuals. Long time gamer, SC is a dream come true and looking
forward to making new friends and building camaraderie with players with team playing orientation.
History: Prior real world combat military experience as an Forward Observer / Fire Support Specialist with 11years of service, 3
combat deployments 1x Iraq, 2x Afghanistan.
Specializing in leadership skills as prior Team Chief Non Commissioned Officer Staff Sergeant ( E-6), planning and
coordinating combined arms with implementing lethal and nonlethal assets for mission success. Can fill a multitude of roles
such as:
intelligence gathering, stealth, combat, or just casual play.

Ships: Avenger Titan (courier, light freight)
Aegis Sabre Raven (stealth, recon, interdiction, escort, EMP Electronic Warfare to disable small to midsize ships.)

Welcome to ADI, CombatDave86! Those two ships will let you do about anything you want within the small ship category, besides mine. So nice! Also thank you for your service.

Welcome CombatDave86,

For many of us SC is a dream come true. I’m glad you’ve chosen to join us explore what SC has to offer. I look forward to flying with you!

Welcome, combatdave86! Based on your bio, it sounds like you are going to be right at home with us. We tend to attract a lot of current and former military. Great ships, btw. I am looking forward to flying with you some time. See you around!

Welcome to the org. and thank you for your service sir, cant wait till we see you in the verse :smiley:

Welcome to ADI Combatdave86, awesome intro btw, looking foward to going around the verse with you too!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Dave!