greetings to all, I’m RebelRevan7. I have just acquired Star Citizen last week and looking to join a like minded organization and I believe Atlas has those qualities. I’m also hoping to get the knowledge and training to be the best I can be in the “verse”. Thank you for your time.


Welcome to ADI. What’s brought you to SC?

Welcome! The are a good amount of instructor led training/practice, and with only more being worked on for the future.

Welcome aboard RebelRevan! Hope to see you in verse soon! You can catch me running bunkers and bounties almost every night. If you feel up for it, don’t hesitate to ask to join in.

Welcome to ADI, Welcome Aboard.

Hey there RebelRevan, welcome to ADI! There’s a plethora of knowledge to be found here, and plenty of training events run almost weekly. You’ll be a pro in no time, and in the meantime, you get to hang out with us fine folks! Glad you’re here, see you in space soon.