ReapingFire's Introduction

Hey Everyone, I’m ReapingFire. I use ReapingFire for almost everything, so all the games I play thats the name you’ll see! I found this Community through an email invite from magee and thought I would give it a try! I play a wide array of games, usually sticking to MMORPG’s, but branch out often. I look forward to meeting some cool new people!

Welcome to the family, ReapingFire! I hope you’ll enjoy it here. We should be plenty active for you.


I see you are being onboarded by Tisk right now. Awesome. We are having a flight night tomorrow we would all love to see you at. Let me know if you need any help.


Hey ReapingFire welcome to ADI. It’s a great place to be. What types of missions do you prefer? Did you select a division during onboarding?

Take advantage of out Mumble and Discord servers to connect with others. Remember tonight is flight night which is held at 2PM and at 8PM US Central time. Meetup in the Mumble Star Citizen Briefing Room. See you out there…

Welcome ReapingFire,
I’m a big mmo fan myself. Glad to have you with us. I hope you find this to be a welcoming community, I know I have!

Hello ReapingFire,

Good to hear that you used magee’s invitation to take action to join us. magee is awesome, hope you get a chance to talk to him on mumble soon.

Warmly welcome, good to have you with us. ADI just got stronger. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries ReapingFire!