Ready to play!

Been playing the last few days and saw I had an inv to ADI. Really interested in making something of myself in the community and have fun. I’m still learning the game even after playing ED for a good bit of time, I’m still getting used to the controls. Got really excited about the game and splurged on a Sabre and I am loving it so far. Looking forward to playing with this community and learning more about this game.

Hi Krudebit, Welcome to ADI, If you have questions there is usually someone on Mumble that can help. See you in the 'Verse, RCAvenger

Welcome Krudebit,

great to have you on board. I look forward to seeing and playing with you in game! Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time to familiarize your’re self with a few of the many ADI members. Also, look forward to seeing you at the next Friday night flight night. Once again, great to have you!