Good day all, I am prospective new member and below is my basic bio that I submitted with my application. Hope I get accepted and can’t wait to get to know you all.

Let’s see, I am an avid gamer with far too many games currently clogging up my hard drive. (SC, Elite Dangerous, Warcraft, Eve, FFXIV, GW2, GCIII and The Division). I am trying to simplify my gaming life utilizing the pick 2 dollar menu and Star Citizen is one of them as I am huge Chris Roberts fan starting with the original Wing Commander, which I think I had on the Amiga!

In most things gaming related, I prefer a more laid back play style. I would rather quest than pvp (Warcraft), I would rather mine or run cargo than security patrols (Eve, ED). I am an anal retentive statistical nightmare. I would rather analyze existing market conditions for the best trade routes, than labor over whether my pew pew is strong enough to take down the enemies shields.

I recently retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and am having absolutely no separation anxiety at all. Although if I don’t get my wife to a commissary soon I am pretty sure she is going to stab me. I am currently a project manager in the Philly area and am taking bets on how long my tolerance will keep me here! (Originally from Texas).

I love my family, dog (Olde English Bulldog) and my motorcycle. Sometimes in different orders! :slight_smile: I hope to be a productive and contributing member to the ADI community while I learn how to play this game.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome I or one of the other leadership personal would be happy to talk to you when you have the chance.

Welcome aboard and Semper Fi

Thanks Keil, it was awesome talking to you guys. I didn’t realize you were in Michigan as well. I was just there visiting family last month.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the web chat Crue, that helped :smiley:

Glad I could be of service. I’ll see you in the Verse!