Rayman9004's Introduction

Hello, Im new to this game and looking for people that can help me with understanding and enjoying this game more. Thank you

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Hi Rayman, you’re in the right place. Hop into Mumble, if you haven’t already and someone will get you on board.
What ship are you enjoying?
And Welcome to ADI!

Hello Rayman, welcome to ADI, What ship did you get ? Looking forward to flying with you in the verse

Hey Rayman, welcome to ADI! Glad I could help ya out on your first journey (and bug) in the Verse and I hope to fly with you again soon!

Hello and welcome if I’m around don’t hesitate to seek me out I can teach you a bit and maybe even let you fly some of my fun ships as well. See you in the verse!

welcome to ADI!

there are plenty of folks here who are highly capable of teaching you the game and all its wonders.

see you in the verse

Welcome, Rayman - big fan of the Ubisoft game series, or just a coincidence? Think you’ll have fun with us here - we make our own entertainment, and you’ll find lots of people willing to help you get into the various modes of play available as the alpha continues to develop.

Welcome to ADI Rayman9004. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you.

In that case welcome to Atlas Defense Industries as well as Star Citizen! When you need a hand or want backup we always encourage new arrivals to ask around in discord, mumble, or here in the forums. :slight_smile: