Hello everyone!

Name’s RarePlanet, and I’m still somewhat new to the game and the whole of the Star Citizen community and general. With 3.0 coming up I’ve decided to start looking for an org to lay down roots in. ADI really stood out due to the infrastructure and, for a lack of better terms, better organisation than other orgs I’ve been looking at. Most of all, I see ADI as a great place for me to learn with the certification and training system.

I’ve recently upgraded from the Mustang to an F7C and I admit I’m not the most skilled at flying it, however I have fallen in love with it and I also hope that here I will learn to actually treat the poor thing right.

For the future I’m aiming for more combat-related roles, however I have absolutely no qualms with filling whatever boots need to be filled (and CAN be filled), from Haulin and Truckin to Explorin and Minin rock.

Overall, I look forward to having fun and learning more about SC with you all!


Hi RarePlanet!

Probably going to stick with ‘Rare’ for brevity, but welcome! Was a pleasure talking to you earlier this morning, looking forward to getting to know you more. We’re definitely going to need some escort pilots for all the missions that’ll be happening, definitely get connected with some of the solid pilots and look for our training programs as they continue to develop :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you at the next flight night.

Hello RarePlanet,

Thanks for joining us. ADI is a great place to be and the upcoming release of 3.0 is the perfect time to join in my opinion. Your F7C will serve you well, a lot of us run with one of those during flight nights. Hopefully you can join us on some flight nights. We’ll see you around soon hopefully.

Hello RarePlanet,
Welcome to ADI. It’s a great place to be and I’m glad you’re here.