RAM Behavior

I noticed in my first interactions with Lorville in 3.13 that the game had become more likely to freeze and crash. I’ve studied it a little bit with the Task Manager performance graphs and have noticed the following:

  • Starting from a base usage of 4G, the game loads 3G more by menus.

  • Loading in Lorville takes that to 15G or above.

  • At some point, the game will go over my 16G installed and start using my SSD as a cache. When this happens, the game will lag hard or even freeze while it copies the assets over. I can only imagine how much worse the problem is for those that do not have the quick seeks of an SSD.

  • Thereafter, the game will manage RAM to a max of 14G, apparently managing swaps of files to disk. Large changes in environment, like respawning in Lorville, will cause huge, short disk spikes.

In the end, if I read the displayed info right, the game demands at least 21G of RAM. On top of the 4 or so by latent processes, this means that 25G is required by the game to avoid lags caused by storing assets on disk.

I should mention this is at the top graphics setting.

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32GB is the new 8GB of memory. If you’re building a gaming rig today, you should be putting 32GB of memory in the system.


That’s very interesting motomataru. Thanks for posting. Not that JayC needs validation but I bought 32GB (2x16) for my new system when I quickly discovered one of the 16GB sticks was bad. Of course warranty wanted both sticks returned so I bought 2x8GB to use while they were gone. Now I have 48GB and no worries.

Also important to keep in mind: This software is not yet optimized very well and is bound to use up lots of extra resources.

Having this issue also. Its unplayable for me. I also have a GTX 1070 graphics card and 16GB RAM so can I just upgrade my RAM to get this game to work again? Been AWOL for about a year and now want to get back to mining!

Also just want to say that the game worked flawlessly last year for me, no issues

Resource requirements have gone through the roof, anything less than a 2070 Super or better, CPU requirements have gone way up, as well as memory.

so new rig entirely, gotcha lol

Just to update after I brought my rig to 32G RAM. Usage did indeed pass 16G, but then it kept climbing past 20. I’m not sure it ever stops.
Also confirm that my CPU runs like a dog now (replaced orginal 980ti with a 2060 last year). It’s a 6700k or something and is usually at 70-80% while the game is running.

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