RAM Behavior

I noticed in my first interactions with Lorville in 3.13 that the game had become more likely to freeze and crash. I’ve studied it a little bit with the Task Manager performance graphs and have noticed the following:

  • Starting from a base usage of 4G, the game loads 3G more by menus.

  • Loading in Lorville takes that to 15G or above.

  • At some point, the game will go over my 16G installed and start using my SSD as a cache. When this happens, the game will lag hard or even freeze while it copies the assets over. I can only imagine how much worse the problem is for those that do not have the quick seeks of an SSD.

  • Thereafter, the game will manage RAM to a max of 14G, apparently managing swaps of files to disk. Large changes in environment, like respawning in Lorville, will cause huge, short disk spikes.

In the end, if I read the displayed info right, the game demands at least 21G of RAM. On top of the 4 or so by latent processes, this means that 25G is required by the game to avoid lags caused by storing assets on disk.

I should mention this is at the top graphics setting.

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32GB is the new 8GB of memory. If you’re building a gaming rig today, you should be putting 32GB of memory in the system.


That’s very interesting motomataru. Thanks for posting. Not that JayC needs validation but I bought 32GB (2x16) for my new system when I quickly discovered one of the 16GB sticks was bad. Of course warranty wanted both sticks returned so I bought 2x8GB to use while they were gone. Now I have 48GB and no worries.

Also important to keep in mind: This software is not yet optimized very well and is bound to use up lots of extra resources.

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