Raithed - Hello

Looking forward to exploring this new universe with you all.
Have played mostly space engineers for some time.
So Hi Everyone!

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Welcome to ADI Raithed! If you have any questions about the org or Star Citizen we’ll be happy to answer them! I look forward to flying with you around the verse!

Hello Raithed, welcome at Atlas Defense Industries. If you ever need a taxi from Port Olizar to Lorville, Hurston, or Area 18, Arccorp, just let us know :slight_smile:

Jesus, and now I need coffee in RL. Why am I so sleepy this morning?

Helllo and welcome to ADI Raithed :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI, Raithed. Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome Raithed! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI! Let us know if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome aboard Raithed! Glad to have you with us.

Space Engineers is such an interesting looking game. I’ve never tried it though.
Welcome to Star Citizen Raithed!

Welcome to ADI Raithed. Glad you are with us. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, Raithed! SC is pretty different than SE lol, so if you have any questions (and trust me, there’s already a lot to this game, so questions are perfectly normal) don’t hesitate to ask any of us to see how something’s done, or to fly a ship we have, or whatever!

Thank you !!
I appreciate all the welcome messages

Hey welcome, I hope to see you in the verse maybe spend some time together on your crew

Welcome Raithed, can’t wait for the game play that will incorporate engineering, repairs, and all sorts of fun multi crew experiences. Nice to have you here with us in ADI.

Welcome welcome!

Space Engineers was pretty good as I recall though if you’re looking for construction and building then perhaps you’ll enjoy the Pioneer? Either way whatever you pursue in SC welcome to ADI.

Welcome aboard to ADI Raithed! And welcpome to a more exciting space game or potential for one once it is finished and released into Gold. See you soon in the Verse!

Welcome Raithed! This game doesnt have any building like Space Engineers but does offer a lot. See you in the galaxy.

Welcome to ADI Raithed. I look forward to playing with you.