R.I.P Bank Account


Well it’s a sad day for my wallet, on the other hand it’s a happy day for RSI. I finally hit (very unintentionally) concierge status. It’s the high life for me from now on :slight_smile:


Oh I remember the day I hit that…

I was look… Oooo what’s this…

Then I realized how much money I spent on Star Citizen… decided I shouldn’t log into the RSI website for a few months lol…

Welcome to the Club!


The items you get for the chairman’s club, do they appear in the accounts “hanger” part of the website? If I understand it right, the decorations don’t get released until 3.0 hits the live server. I just don’t see any sign I have them bound to the account.


Over the years I have thrown my wallet at the TV screen several times saying “just take it all and get it over with!” lol

Not counting building the Computer!

Captain Kern:


how much do you gotta spend for that?


$1000 for the first tier. Not sure about the others


I don’t know how accurate this is, but according to Starcitizen.tools the list is as follows:

High Admiral $1000

Grand Admiral $2500

Space Marshal / Lt. Commander $5000

Wing Commander $10000

Completionist $15000

Legatus Navium $25000

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I hesitate to ask whom owns the Completionist & Legatus packages out there as that is an amazing dollar figure for anyone to spend. Though i’m glad they have for SC’s sake.


Hope you put it on a Rewards Credit Card. :smiley:


Let me see if this makes more sense.

High Admiral $1000 - Gamer

Grand Admiral $2500 - Gamer with Job

Space Marshal / Lt. Commander $5000 - Gamer enthusiast over 40

Wing Commander $10000 - That drug money man.

Completionist $15000 - Put his bedroom in the Garage

Legatus Navium $25000 - Rich Parents

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


haha I like it


You should have your 1-800 ship addiction calling card soon in the mail too…