Questions regarding the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS

I just bought it as it was on sale (Newegg, $300), but was reading some comments on Reddit saying since the joystick doesn’t twist, you need pedals to roll. As I can still easily cancel the order right now, I was wondering how many of you guys use pedals, how essential is it, and if I were to go without pedals, how easily can you rebind and live with it using just the stick (or rebinding to something on the throttle, etc.).

This will be the first joystick I have ever owned. TIA!

The Warthog is a great Hotas, possibly the best & at $300 it’s a bargain. Saying that you will need pedals. however you can most likely map roll (or yaw) to another control on the throttle until you feel the need to upgrade.
Jump on mumble & have a chat, there are plenty of guys who own them who can talk you through the setup.

You’ll use the stick to pitch and roll… and only need pedals for yaw… I use pedals as do most of the senior folks with flight sim experience, there are advantages… but trackir is a more important buy before pedals.

Ah ok! I’ll definitely hop on once it arrives. It will definitely be a learning curve from arcade commander right now :smiley:

Have any of you figured out how to set up the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS in Star Citizen? I’ve tried using the GUI Script thingy with Solarfly, tried to import the settings but nothing works. So if any of you guys have any idea how to set this up, some help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

// Rubikan

I do hope you mean senior ranking and not AARP candidates. :slight_smile:

I just started using pedals myself. Not being a senior (in either of the definitions, close age wise but still have a quite a few years) I’d agree with IR tracking as being more essential than pedals. After using dual sticks (secondary one for thrust and yaw) for a few months, getting used to the pedals over the past week has been rather challenging. I don’t know if it’s a higher learning curve or due to converting from using two appendages to four. If I had to do it over again, I’d use a HOTAS (without twist) and once proficient I’d add the pedals.


We have pre-made profiles ready to go for the TM Warthog take a look down in file browser forum and congrats on a great stick I have one as well and use pedals!

Where is the “file browser forum”? I’ve been searching for it, but have had no luck.

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It’s since been removed, we’re in the process of prepping for a forum upgrade the first week of Jan, once that is done we’ll bring it back.

Staff members can get you a copy of the joystick profiles if you ask them on mumble, they have access to them still.