Question About Required CPU

I mentioned in my introduction that I am having trouble starting SC and I now think that it might be my processor. SC minimum requirements say that we need, “Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor and AMD’s Bulldozer processor or newer”.

Is it correct that:

  1. Sandy Bridge is another name for Intel Gen 2s
  2. Intel Core i7 processor 860 is Gen 1
  3. I’ll definitely need to upgrade if I want to play

Hey Taylor,
If you are on Discord, i would put your question in there (Tech_Talk channel) as more players with Tech experience will be able to answer your question a lot quicker and give you more opinions as well.

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Oh I didn’t realize there was a Discord, thanks

Yeah, I currently have an i5-2500K @3.3GHz, and it doesn’t run well at all. Video settings are LOW w/my GTX970. Luckily I have a new system coming. Good luck.

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Gen 1 CPU’s are no longer supported. I could not start the game at all when 3.11 was in the PTU. I had to (finally) upgrade my PC. SC ran fine and smoothly for me under 3.10, but in 3.11 they added a requirement for AVX support which stopped these older CPU’s from even starting the game.

If you have a Gen 1 you will need to upgrade, you can check the intel website to see if your process has AVX support, if doesn’t there is nothing but an upgrade in your future.

Have a read of the official announcement from CGI:

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Thank you both! I recently upgraded my graphics card but I’ll have to check for a better processor and maybe motherboard? I’ll figure it out, I still really want to play.

If you have to upgrade the cpu, may as well get a new motherboard at the same time. Odds are good that your current board won’t support any of the new cpu sockets. On the plus side, the new processers will blow your old one out of the water :slight_smile:


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