Question about REC and UEC

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I was curious if the REC in my account has anything to do with the Freelancer DUR package UEC credits that were issued? I am assuming that my UEC balance is 0 due to the fact the PU is not open yet, or is it because the REC takes the UEC credits place UNTIL the PU becomes available?

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The UEC from your ship package won’t appear in your account until the PU is live. This is both to ensure you don’t spend it on posters before the game comes out and because those values might be adjusted based on playtesting.

REC is unrelated to UEC. It’s a currency you can earn from Arena Commander and spend on new items to try them out. For example, if you had no Cutlass but had 10,000 REC, you could buy a Cutlass to fly with REC to try it out.

You can learn more about REC from:


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I figured the UEC had something to do with the PU not being live yet. I looked over the REC information and also browsed through the EA storefront and kind of understand a bit better now what the difference is. Ithink it just threw me off because the ship package for the DUR and the 315p did not mention being given 5k REC…so I was afraid to spend any of them lol

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Everyone starts with $5000 REC. Every Spectrum PvP Match you complete will earn you more REC. (this may change as time goes on)