Question about Cockpit options in AC

I was curious,

If you have the thrusters at 0 and are at a complete stop floating in space can you get out of the cockpit chair and move into the back of the spacecraft (315p)?

I have noticed that I can only do this when the ship is landed on the surface of a platform or in the hangar at this point.



As of 1.1, no. Later when they add the feature we will be able to while floating in space. Not sure when that will be added however. The use key (F) is currently bound to strafe down for the thrusters. So, unfortunately unless you’re against the landing pad, you cannot get out of your ship.

Got it

I figured it was not an option because, like you said…“F” key is bound to another function so I could not get out. I was also assuming it would be available or I was not using the right hotkey lol


I remember that before 1.1 (haven’t checked now, but that might have not changed) exit seat, use and strafe down could be bound to different keys… it’s just that by default they are using the same keybinding.