Question about Boot Drives

Hello everyone!

I have a fairly old computer and when I built it, I did not have any spare cash to put down on a nice, large hard drive. Because of this, my buddy gave me a tiny little 60 gig drive. Almost two years later I am sitting here with that same piece of crap sitting in my rig as my boot drive, and one I bought later (2T) as my main data storage drive. The issue I am running into is my boot drive is constantly being filled and I am trying to see what I can trim off of it.

Here is my question: Is it possible to have the computer recognize that small drive only as a boot drive, so it stops putting temp. files and other misc. crap on it? I have a little under a terabyte of space on my other one and it would make my life so much easier if the computer recognized that hard drive as the only drive with an open partition (or however it is called. The place where it should store files by default.)

Or, is it possible to figure out a way to make my 2T drive my boot drive (hopefully without factory resetting it) so I can remove the smaller one from the equation?

Thanks for any and all help,

If you can get your hands on an interim drive for a day then you can
1.Move files from 2 TB to interim drive
2.Clone 60 GB drive onto 2 TB drive
3.Take files from interim drive and place them on the root in the same file structure as you had them before on the 2 TB drive.

I would like someone else versed in the art to either deny or second my opinion, because I don’t know exactly what files you’ve got in there or how they are layed out. So for instance if you’ve got D:\Games\Steam\ on your storage drive then move it to C:\Games\Steam\ then it’s not going to be found (to my knowledge).

However, if you have 10,000 pictures and 200 movies on the drive then no application is going to map that drive path to those and it won’t matter.

Just realized I didn’t put a software in there. I use macrium reflect for doing all of my cloning/images/etc.

Yeah. My only real hesitation about wiping both of them is loosing my 800-ish gig steam library (especially when my peak download rate is 480kbps).

Just thought of something, ok so you backup the files on that interim drive and then you clone the OS onto the storage drive. Next you take like 1.5TB of that 2 TB drive and make it into the exact same drive letter you’ve currently got it named. So you have two logical partitions on one physical drive. You’re computer never knows anything is different. So then you would load the data back (copy and paste operation) onto the 1.5TB portion of the 2 TB drive. Then you’ve got 500 Gigs for the OS and 1.5 TBs for storage.

Seriously though make a backup of that data before you go swippin and swappin stuff!

Noted. My parents have an Ext. HD laying around somewhere. I have just never done anything like this before, but it will down my computer for a solid day or two, probably. So I would prefer to get it right the first time.

Thanks for the help, Lema

What OS are you using? I would think 60 gigs would work. Are you storing other stuff on the boot drive? (temp folders etc)

You could make a swap partition on your 2TB drive to help the boot drive. 128 gigs or so.

Lema’s idea would work well also, although I think 500 gigs is a waste of space. Maybe 128 at the maximum with a 128gig swap partition. and that would be max. Your not doing any video/picture editing I’m assuming. If it’s for gaming I"m sure you will be fine.

Also if wiping your drive will be that catastrophic you NEED to invest in a mirror drive at the very least. 2TB drives are cheap. About the cost of one AAA game. If your that tight for money, get creative. Shovel snow or mow lawns or something. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but that should be your number 1 priority. Losing that drive will make your life miserable. (take it from someone who has lost several drives)

Red is right about 500 gigs being a waste of space, but on occasion I forget to redirect my games to install under the storage partition so I say 500 Gigs so when you do forget about it you won’t have to ever worry about checking dirve space to make sure you don’t need to move anything around.

Thanks for the imput, Redskies. I will be sure to talk to you about it on Mumble if you have time.

I will be looking into another drive then. Those hybrid drives did look enticing.


P.S. No offense taken. I work quite a well paying job, but 90%-99% of that money goes toward school, so it will probably take some time for me to get my hands on something.

No problem. Just pull me aside whenever. :smiley:

Steam will make a backup of the game for you to export. Would you like me to find the instructions?
(I sympathize, I peak at 600 :stuck_out_tongue:)

I like the hybrid drive, but they can be fickle. They don’t’ work well with fragmentation and they’re a pain to wipe.