Quantum Drive Engines/Ships

So i’m part of the exploration/survey team, is there any info on what ships will support Quantum Drive for fast solar system crossing?
I have a 315p and it says it has a Jump Drive, to me it would be logic that if your ship is capable of jumping it should also have the ability to travel trough solar systems at fast pace with Quantum Drive.

I have been searching for info on this matter but can’t find it so maybe it’s still in development or i missed something.

The only transport methods I’ve seen are the jump drives, jump points (which I assume can only be navigated if you have a jump drive, although for whatever reason can’t think of where it’s confirmed - no spontaneous jumping to hyperspace), and regular thrusters. Never heard quantum drives ever mentioned.

Quantum drives are definitely available in the 'verse, I believe the Zeus was the first ship to have one? But unfortunately I don’t think there is any information on what specific ships will have one yet. It makes sense to me that all ships except parasite fighters would have one (as technically a speed of 0.2c is possible with traditional fuel) but that is entirely speculation on my part.


Chris Roberts himself talks about the Quantum Drive at 09:34 and following minutes.

All ships will have a quantum drive. Not all ships will have a jump drive. The merlin and 85x are the two that do not have a jump drive and will not be able to have one, which enables it to chart a jump point. Jump Gates, however, do not require a jump drive.

Snub fighters won’t have Quantum Drive as well.