PWS troubles

My game is having serious issues getting started. I can launch the game, but gets stuck on the loading screen and the PWS(Private Working Set) isn’t changing as often as it should. I remember having this issue with Battlefield 3 when I tried to play it, but that was on Windows 7. I’m using Windows 8.1, got 12 GB of DDR3, a 1TB SSD, a i3 Quad-Core Intel Processor, and a Nvidia Ge-Force GTX 650 Afterburner with core clock set to 150MHz and the memory clock to 125MHz for Overclocking. I’m trying to remember what was the issue of the PWS being slow in refreshing, NEED HELP!

Try to stop the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in the services of Windows. For some reason, I have to do this after every patch, otherwise I get an infinite loading screen on the hangar.

Tested it, works again. Many thanks Sangoria.