"Pure Racing"

Hey guys!

I’m looking to give and take advice on racing, please feel free to post.


Rent fast ships from the electronic access on RSI website.
I frequently rent the Mustang Gamma and M50.

Change your Keybindings via Options->KeyBindings->Advanced Controls Customization.
One of my preferences

  • Change boost to “Lshift + x”
  • Change space-brake to “x”

Press boost with afterburners or space-brake.
Boosting disables gsafe by default and can cause blackouts. Don’t black out.
*Slightly rolling “q” or “e” can reduce this effect.



Hi Tollehouse, It sounds like you would be an asset to our racers. We would like you to finish our on-boarding process so please come on to Mumble so we can do that. Hope to see you there. RC