PTU 2.0 Alpha

Has anyone been able to play for more than 5-10 minutesafter the new update? I’ve been able to QT to POI’s but the game crashes almost immediately.

CIG released 2.0 way too early; in order to test the platform we have to a) be able to access it, and b) play test it. Connectivity and realiability are beyond terrible IMO. I gave up on it after the the first failed patch.

They didn’t. It’s on the PTU, perfectly acceptable that it crashes.
They needed data with more concurrent players to fix some of the issues, it makes perfect sense to use the PTU for this, it’s even its main purpose.

We all know what they say about opinions. :slight_smile:

But I am glad for the dedicated individuals willing to slog through PTU to provide whatever feedback 5 minutes of game play will provide. For now I’m off on other games until Star Citizen gets closer to Alpha (or maybe even Beta if Master of Orion comes out soon enough).

It seems like they’re making progress. I’ve been getting LESS frequent crashes. I was able to play for 30 minutes yesterday. Definitely start to get that immersion feeling, gets me exited about the game again. Although, every time I try to fly the Connie it’s a disaster.

They are pushing it to live tonight per CR himself… @ 1:12:18

What happens when you fly the connie… I’ll be honest, I can’t wait.

PTU 2.1 is out! freelancers flying around :smiley: