PSU Shortage..

So I actually saved up enough money to invest in one of the GTX 980. And it just shipped. Then it hit me. I realized my PSU probably will not cut it. So I checked. And apparently, the power supply’s MAX output wattage is “450W”. So it is literally 200W short from the rough estimate below.
P.S: I chose GTX 670 under graphics instead of 980 is because apparently, they don’t have GTX 980 in their list… Hmm… So GTX 670 is closes to the GTX 980 under power consumption…

It’s going to be tight if it works at all, and will put a very heavy load on your current PSU which might cause failure.

Already made that mistake… When ever I play a game which gets too intensive, the PSU will reset, thus, resetting the whole PC.
Post can be found here for good laughs of my incompetence and stupidity:

If I may, I can suggest a Rosewill power supply, mine has been running 24/7 since 7/20/2009!

You can see some here at Newegg…

Mine is only a 550 watt, and it fed my GTX 660 just fine for a few years, and now I have the GTX 970. Thankfully the new GTX 970 is more power efficient, so I know I’m fine for now. Today I would go with at least a 750 watt ( let’s say if I had to get a new one )…
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I tell you these Rosewill’s are about bullet proof.

Cheers :smiley:

I’m late to the party.

Not all Rosewell’s are made by the same manufacture. Rosewill is like most other PSU brands. They slap their logos on PSU chassis made by a list of major manufactures like Delta, Seasonic, Superflower, CWT, Lepa, Enhance, Sparkle, the list goes on and on…

Take a read though the reviews and maybe the forums over at [url][/url], not pointing you at one specific unit, but that will at least show you some things to look for.

Personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Seasonic or Superflower built unit. Seasonic is a big OEM for XFX, and EVGA’s current models are mostly a pretty damn good Super Flower platform. And pay attention the warranty, yea i know, more consumer electronics the warranty means little. But if you PS has a 5 or 7 year warranty, then that pretty much means statically, the manufacture believes they will never hear from you again for at least 5 to 7 years. And by then, you more than likely are looking for another power supply.

The Seasonic X series, and the SS Platinum series tend to go on sale a lot at Newegg if you don’t mind rebates. Think my SS-760 Platinum was $109 after all was said and done.

Not as late as me. But I’ll keep mine simple and echoing those above me. Never skimp on PSU. It’s like asking whether you always need all your blood? Of course you do, otherwise you’ll black out.

If you can drop the cash on a 980 then the cost of a psu is relatively small for a lot of power. Personally, I would suggest Silver Stone. They are from the more pricey end of PSU’s, but I guaranttee some of their 850-1000 Watt PSU’s will do the trick.

you can never have too much power supply. Get as much as you can afford. My home desktop system I built 5 years ago has a 1,200 watt PS, the brand escapes me atm but it was expensive and worth every penny when running power hungry cpu, liquid cooling system, dual vid cards, and a bunch of fast and furious lighting. It’s still running strong 24/7 with the occasional canned air dusting out.

My PSU was 600W and I while running 3Dmark test or Arena Commander, the computer would randomly just shut down and restart under a stress. I then bought a Cooler Master’s 750W and that solved it for good. I have a GTX 780 and i5 4.4GHz and 600W was simply not enough or the PSU itself was faulty of age or degraded. I’ve heard (insert source) that the PSU shouldnt have more than 200W extra of what you actually need.

PSU’s are mostly efficient when they are around 70% to 80% load. Anything under of over the efficiency just isn’t there. So, never plan on using 100%, but also don’t over buy as well.

And, total PSU wattage power numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, don’t just read the box, look at the ratings label, and also remember, some companies like to inflate the numbers. A Seasonic 750 watt is a different (usually better) beast than a Coolmax 750 watt (which is usually garbage)

Age is a factor, capacitors and other electrical parts do fail and potentially lose efficiency with age. Kind of goes back to the warranty part, if the manufacture is willing to risk 7 years, they more than likely didn’t cheap out on the parts.