Problem With Maneuvering Thrusters in Game?


I found a solution to this problem in game yesterday and thought I’d post it for everyone.

I found with the Hornet variants when I first spawned into the pit my thrusters would go rip shit wild and my ship began a cosmo-batics routine without me even touching the stick.

After numerous ejections, restarts, and deaths…my troubleshooting spirit kicked in and said “hey dummy…why not try a reboot?”

So I throttled down to 0…boosted to come to a complete stop…and opened the ship systems in the hud.

I found that by disabling the maneuvering thrusters for 5 seconds and then re-enabling them would solve the issue.


  1. Press the Home key
  2. Press F3 for power systems
  3. Click on the maneuvering thrusters with your mouse and wait for the voice confirmation that thrusters are disabled.
  4. Click on the maneuvering thrusters again and wait for the voice confirmation that thrusters have been re-enabled.

Now you should be good to go. If you did it right…your ship should stop moving when you perform step 3.

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue I did! I believe this is a bug that will eventually be squashed but CIG probably has bigger fish to fry with the multi-player connectivity issues.

See you in the Verse…

Good find!

I would think you should post about this to CIG too.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on “Bug Smasher”.