Private matches not working on AC since (at least) June 12

Hi folks,

Has anybody contacted CIG about the invitations that never get to your contacts when trying to set up a private match?
Do we have any update on when this will be fixed?


After a quick search of the RSI forums, I can confirm that this issue has been reported.

Thanks, Emphatic.
Would you mind to share the link? I can’t seem to find anything related…

Sure no worries, here it is: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … on/267973/

I’d like to point out that it has since been fixed.

Thank you! Now, does deleting the user folder actually work? I am not clear on that.

Oh, it is working now? I tried two days ago and it was not.

Yes it is working, I tested it earlier today with another ADI member, we were able to invite and start the match with no problems.

Thanks again to arc for helping out.

Yes. You are right, Emphatic. I tried it today with an ADI member and it worked fine. No need to delete the USER folder.