Prison Escape

Hi everyone,
I did a Prison Escape last night and was rescued by some heroic member of our Org that happened to be on the same server. It was one of the best gameplay experiences of my life and the fact that the guys chipped in to me out showed the kinda reason I’d joined the org.

Anyway, when escaping from the prison I noticed some things about the game that I’d thought might be useful for others…

Jumping… When running to jump there seems to be a belief that you need to take a run up. This seemed not to be necessary as standing still then pressing sprint + jump (effectively jumping from standing) seemed to allow me to jump just as far. In fact taking a run up often caused issues because of the uneven floor resulting in me running off of edges in the low grav.

Looking… When jumping the direction of your jump seems to be influenced by where you’re looking. This meant that I sometimes jumped short when I was looking at where wanted to jump to.
It seemed better To line up the jump then look above / beyond the platform I was jumping to inorder to maximise distance.

Crawling / crouching… There’s a few points that you need to crawl through before immediately coming to a jump. Make sure you’ve stood back up before making the jump… It’s a small detail but has a big affect :blush:

Oxygen… If you die and re-spawn in the Prison then you might be tempted to immediately head for the vent inorder to attempt the run again. Make sure that your oxygen is back to 100% before passing through the vent. When re-spawning it seems to be at the level which it was at when you died.
Somone did tell me that the blue flowers refill oxygen but I didn’t try it out.

The codes AND vehicle container… watch out for and remember the codes in the security office as you’ll need those to access the vehicle containers once you’re out. Any YouTube run through video worth it’s salt will tell you that.
But, if you escape and take a vehicle then die the codes may change for the next run through.
I ran through, took vehicle then got killed by a BH. I immediately ran back through (took about 12 minutes).
The codes had changed (there’s 2) AND to my horror the vehicle container was empty. There’s a second container next to the second hole and you need to follow the pipeline inorder to find it (you’ll see what I mean by that if you’re out). You need to be aware of this incase somone on the server has escaped before you.

Entering the codes… This was a bit of an issue for me. It might have been related to my head tracking but I feel its unlikely. If anyone does a run through then please comment below.
When trying to enter the codes on the containers in order to access the vehicles I noticed that I could not interact with them unless I had walked as close as I could to the panel. I literally walked into, until I couldn’t walk any further, before my numbers were registered.

Watch out for BH… I got out the first time and asked the org guys to come pick me up. Stupidity I also asked if there was anyone to rescue me using the general server chat. My ‘rescuer’ got there pretty quick and did a good job.
On that note it’s believed that the vehicle containers are invulnerable so consider not leaving that until your ride has shown up.

Being a criminal… Ultimately crime doesn’t pay. The escape was epic. I practiced until perfect. I ran through about 8 times just to get used to the jumps and route. I can do it within 12 minutes, without falling. I did so at least 5 times. Despite that, I still needed to get people to rescue me (putting them at risk), had to get those to buy me a device so that I could clear my crime stat, avoid BHs (I failed even after being rescued) and do the crime stat play through…
It’s not worth it. Go to bed, ride your time or mine. Seriously.

That’s all I’ve got. I hope someone finds it useful.
I did enjoy it and I’m indebted to those that tried to help.
If anyone would like to learn the route then there’s a great tutorial on YouTube by SaltEMike. I don’t follow him but the vid is good. Hopefully they won’t change it too much with 3.10.

On another note, if anyone wants to learn the route and you see me online then give me a shout as I’d be happy to show you. Just beware your half hour sentence turning into 10:30.

All the best,

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Nice replay of the event!

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We just need more practice at jailbreaking, soon people will pay us to “liberate” them.

Great run-down Zebra

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