Possible issue with hardware, high fps, stuttering [SOLVED?]

Heya !

Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun too much here, as I havent yet completed my onboarding.

If anyone could help out with some tech issues I had today with the game, it would be appreciated. I’m going to have to go buy a headset anyways, I might just grab any other needed hardware upgrades while I’m at it if anyone has any solid ideas.

So today I started the game for the first time in a couple of years i guess. I had just upgraded my CPU a couple of weeks ago, and the GPU and RAM today, so I was feeling pretty hopeful about the game running smoothly. Well, turns out I was wrong.

My current setup is:
AMD FX-8350
GTX 1070Ti
2x8GB DDR3
Win7 (dx11)
550W PSU

The problem I’m having is stuttering. For testing purposes I’m running around the empty hangar for a couple of minutes. Every couple of seconds there is a very short but very noticeable stutter. I think the sound stutters as well, at least the sound of the steps do.
Changing the graphics settings only diminishes or amplifies the problem a little bit but the problem is always there.

At Very High settings with V sync and motion+camera blur:
-FPS is at a fairly constant 60.
-CPU load is varying at around 30-40%
-CPU temp is at about 45 degrees celcius.
-GPU load is all over the place from 20% to 95% but averaging at around 75-80% i guess.
-GPU temp is at around 66 degrees celcius.
-Memory usage is at 6,2GB edited

I dont have any other modern 3d games installed right now, so i cant compare.

Im wondering if the problem might be one or more of the following:
-DX11 win7. Should I have dx12 ?
-DDR3 memory ?
-550W psu should be enough according to online calculators ?
-FX8350 CPU ?
-“Old” architecture MoBo ? (It’s an Asus M5A78L-M USB3)

Ok so far today i have tried the following:

(I am using Afterburner to monitor cpu, gpu and memory) (I am new with Afterburner, hopefully im using/reading it correctly)

-I started the game at Space Port Crusader this time and ran around a bit.
-Getting only 13-15 fps, constant. Graphics settings make no difference. I am not noticing the stuttering, but the fps is so bad it would be hard to notice. Background music is not stuttering.
-GPU load at around 10-30% and temp at around 47celcius
-CPU load at around 45% and temp at around 45celcius

-I removed the new 2x8gb memory and reinstalled the old 2x4gb. No change for the better, so the new 2x8gb went back in.

I am now starting to think the problem might be the CPU, but why isnt the CPU load any higher ?
Or is it the PSU not supplying enough power? I would imagine the symptoms to be more dramatic if it was the case.

I wouldnt want to buy new hardware blindly to fix this. If the problem is the CPU, I will have to buy a new MoBo, cpu and ram. That will get a bit expensive. If its just the PSU, would be fixed cheap.

Any educated guesses would be very welcome.

edit I am now fairly sure, after some googling, that the issue is the fx-8350 and it’s poor single thread performance.

It’s either as you guessed single thread performance, or memory performance. You should consider upgrading to a newer Intel i5 system, stay away from AMD CPU products.

Well this escalated quickly. I ended up replacing everything besides my case, psu, and hard drives.

So i also had to do a windows reinstall, and oh boy what a pain in the ass that turned out to be.

Just now finally got windows running again, and installing all software. Will hop on to Mumble at some point for my onboarding.

What kind of hard drives you have? I ask because at least for Star Citizen it makes a big difference if you have the game installed on an SSD or HDD.

I have an SSD for windows and programs and an old one for data storage.

I am actually now having a major issue with the system, im making another post about it.