Pirate tactics

This more a ye, na post , should we run some Pirate tactics op’s ?
The reason for the question … well it’s better to know the Pirate tactics and then we can counter?


A what post?

ADI is an anti-piracy org so we will not be doing any pirate actions. Also we do not do blue on blus so we will not be acting out a scenario.

What exactly are pirate tactics?

Pirate or not you fight the same way. If there is a difference it would be a pirate might not want to blow up a ship. We, one the other hand, do…kill them all.

Follow up question jolly, when the game has escape pods, will we also hunt and kill pirate pods after a ships destruction, or let them go? I was wondering this the other day lol.

Also best pirate tactic I’ve heard of insofar is interdicting ships into a minefield. Not sure a good counter tactic to that just yet. :thinking:

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In reference to “pod killing”, it just depends. In some games it is standard practice. However, how CIG implements the consequences of doing so will affect when we will or will not do so. Based on past articles and lore posts pod killing in UEE space is likely to result in a crimestat, which is usually detrimental to our OPs. But, if we are at war with a group that warrants it we might just take the hit to fully punish them. So it just depends.

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Like the question. There is the issue of if to obtain a bounty you have to get the pirate, not just their ship, then yes you need to kill it…capture if appropriate.

I also agree with Nome we need to see how the UEE views it. If killing a pirate pod doesn’t come with a crime stat, go ahead if you want to. And if it does…it depends, is it worth the stat?

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My q was basically, in a “pirate” scenario we need to know how the “pirates” will operate and effectively cull the action. By taking the upper hand !

Ok Mac. In that case I’d say the non-pirate actually has the upper hand.

A pirate wants your ship or at least your cargo. They have a vested interest in not blowing you up. We, on the other hand, just want the pirate dead so there is no need for us to hold fire or to practice restraint.

Now that certainly doesn’t make us impervious to attack. A pirate’s reputation is at stake and once it gets known that they will happily and quickly kill you if you don’t immediately comply, their ability to force surrender will grow. Besides, even a blown ship may drop boxes of some value.

And along those lines a pirate would want to honor any word if someone does comply. If I surrender my ship/cargo and get killed by the pirate anyway…we’ll screw them I’d rather go down with my ship then let the pirate get it. Again, the pirate’s reputation matters.

Overall…I think though it may be fun to play pirate, I think it will be a tough role in the game.

Jolly Hi, and thanks for the feedback, Both here and with the mouse pad.

I’m fully with you in the context of your post, a pirate has no real use atm but in the future there will be (not everyone is a good guy), in my opinion at leased.
There are enough ships in game that are only pirate and or security ships, so what are they going to be used for?

The last sentence in your post was (in my opinion) a way forward !


For players, there are no ships that are “only pirate”. Any ship can be used in piracy or anti-piracy if you will.

Drake may have an in-game reputation as “the pirate manufacturer” but there really is no such thing. If our members have pirate versions, which are really just skins, of ships that is absolutely fine.

Same holds true for “security ships”. Again if a player (pirate or non-pirate) owns it they can use it how they would like. I don’t know of a ship that is classified as “security” but do note that we get interdicted by the game’s NPC authorities they are usually in Wardens. A pirate could certainly use a Warden if they would like…so again there is no limit.

Of course folks also like to conflate pirate with griefer. Pretending they are pirates by blowing up everything in sight to make people miserable. That is not piracy. Just like acting like a jerk face and screwing everyone else in your group is also not being a pirate.

In the real world you would be keelhauled by your pirate captain if you did that, or face a mutiny if you are captain Jerkface. Real old world pirates had all kinds of codes they followed about not screwing over your friends, not murdering your crewmates, and how to divide the loot fairly.

As for pirate skins, my main worry would be others thinking I am a pirate (cause you know pirate skin with the skull and bones) if i flew one, and that they may take preventative action, especially in unmonitored space. So I don’t fly with them, even if some of them are rather nice looking.

I see this thread has lost the intended focus.
It was about how to combat “pirate tactics” by using there thinking in training.
IE, the Jump mission (you know the one right?) !!

If that was my ship and you tried to board and or steal my cargo, what would be the best methodology to PROTECT my ship? Give it up surrender, go down with the ship or blow it up?

I have seen online rear doors exploded (by players) open (NPC SHIPS) how are we supposed to react to that ?

OK take my shipment my 4 hours work etc !

Or If I know how to defend ( cause I know what they are planning ) my ship, would be a little safer.

I’m not talking about PO camping, I’m talking, I want your haul, live or die.
Your time your mining, transport etc.

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Granted, I’m a little late to the party… but I have to say, running OPFOR skirmishes with “pirates” in a few scenarios could certainly be a fun and rewarding exercise. I believe the point iMacz was trying to make was: “Should we simulate potential engagements with pirate forces so we can explore the likely tactics involved?”. A sound and reasonable question on any level, no doubt. Such programs could not only be fun, but even lead to a suggested pattern of behavior and even specific rules of engagement.

Hi, AndrewRall.

I could have not put it better my self :wink:

Pirates in Star Citizen will have a very specific sandbox of strategies and tactics that look a bit different compared to what the common player experiences most of the time. Due to security status in the systems they operate, the need for operational bases/motherships that service these “shady” craft - the life of the pirate will be one on the run in heavily patrolled (high security) UEE space. Skirmishes, heavy concentration ambushes and stealth focused gameplay are just a few options. Extended fleet screening, picket-lines, and ready-five interception are a few viable counters. It will constantly be a battle of space chess with the more experienced pirate orgs that have years of practical time flying together in existing games like Eve Online.

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