Pilot Grounded

Due to a bad graphics card I won’t be able to fly for a bit. Opened up a RMA with Asus today. Hoping for a speedy resolution.

Not cool Butters. What card was it?

Asus GTX970 Turbo

Hope you get a fast turn around. I would be lost if my GPU died.

Keep us informed altho my card is GTX660 I think and I got it from Amazon but it is NVidia.


Agreed. Most of us would panic and run to the nearest store to buy a way overpriced replacement.

That’s a shame. PC hardware complications are almost as bad as car problems in terms of inconvenience and frustration. Just a heads up: you should expect a somewhat lengthier wait than normal considering how close we are to the holidays. You have my sympathy!

Best of luck!

I can say Asus customer support was very easy to work with. In less than 15 minutes I was told to send it in for repair/replacement.


My GT660 is running 60deg…normally its 30 I think…seems kind of warm.

The tutorials are lagg city and cant play them; supposedly there is a problem with them.

Hangar is ok…Universe links are somewhat laggy; in space seems ok on low settings; fairly playable; my isp is 15down/5up; best I can do.

There is some blurring going on; not sure why; either lagg or settings.

Overall I have hopes at least I can play but Squadron 42 aint lookin good if the tutorial is broke.

Cmdr Zeta

Prior to this I was running a GTX660M2GB, totally unplayable, like flying through mud.

Released to full duty. Asus sent a brand new card, so far all working well.


Awesome mate! See you in the skies :slight_smile: