Picking a Division

I haven’t chosen one yet and im kinda leaning toward exploration or mining. Can you guys give your opinions on both? Also I dont want to be the captain of the ship, I only want to work on one.

Which of these things gets you more excited?

-Do you see yourself traveling out into the great expanse to discover things? Finding new things in the universe, such as jump points, life, or other phenomena? How about sometimes just sitting back to stare at that nebulae off in the distance?

-Do you see yourself running cargo around inside a system? Perhaps between systems? Maybe you like firing giant lasers into solid rock, cutting away valuable material to refine and sell later? Does selling items you pick up in some fashion tickle your fancy?

And if you pick one and find out it’s not your thing, you can always switch later.

The way it was explained to me during my onboarding was that your division (especially at the start of the game) was mostly just an administrative thing. It gives the Org an idea of what you’re going to spend most of your in game time doing. If you decide that it’s not up your alley anymore, you can just message your team lead and they can get you transferred over to a different division. Don’t stress about it. :slight_smile:

Contact your Director*. The idea of Divisions is to put you in a role and chain of command in which you would spend most of your in-game time, indeed, while it doesn’t prevent you from participating in any other activity, as long as you have the appropriate certification.

Hm exploration. Who do I contact for that. I am US West coast.

Hi, everything is explained in detail here: atlasdefenseindustries.com/join-adi

Yep! When the person onboarding you asks what division you’d like to be placed in, just say “Exploration & Survey” and then what job title you think you’d be doing the most of. The E&S Division page will tell you what positions there are and what they do. Remember that you can switch positions later as well (and you can do anything regardless, as long as you’ve completed the certification for it).