Philux - Promoted to Fleet Security Assistant CAG

Philux’s dedication to flight perfection and elitism has earned him his preceding promotion to Assistant Commander of the Air Group.

In light of Harrys decision to step down from the position in his pursuit of becoming a pilot, Philux has stepped up to the plate.

Congrats Philux, and best of luck Harry. (Harry is NOT leaving, just doesn’t have the time to be CAG.)

Congrats Philux, and good luck harry on becoming a pilot!

Congrats Phil!

Good work Phil!



Thanks for stepping up Philux! Looking forward to working with you. Harry, thanks for living some of our dreams for us - good luck!

We’re all doomed! Congrats Phil!

Thanks guys!

In my new FS leadership role I will do everything necessary to enforce law and order across the universe!

Congrates but remember the last time a german had authority oh knows jk phil lol…