Performance Drops Since Latest Patch - any help?

Howdy Y’all.

I have noticed a significant performance drop since the last patch came out. So much of a drop that, in the hanger, I am unable to move around without considerable glitching and stuttering. Just shouting out to see if it’s just me.

Granted, my computer is in need of upgrade (come oooooon Black Friday), but before that patch it was running much better.

[i5 2500k, GTX 550Ti, 8GB RAM]

Also, while I have you here [for all you parts and component types], if one WERE going to say completely build a new enthusiast gaming rig what would you spec it at? i7? i5? GTX 980? 970?


i5 over i7, if you have to ask will hyper threading on the i7 help, then you more than likely don’t need it. Only place so far I’ve found it of any benefit was virtualization. VMware will find a way to use up those fake cores.

16gig of memory, making sure to max out each DIMM slot, so leave yourself 2 DIMMs left for a future upgrade. I have a hatred for 4GB DDR3 dimms.

The Nvidia 970 seems to be the current sweet spot for a mainstream card, but it will be interesting to see how that effects AMD 290 prices going forward. I know the cut I believe $100 off MSRP today and i think you might find another 50-100 in rebates close to the end of the year as they start trimming stock for everyone hopes at 390 release in the spring.

SSDs? I tend to look toward Crucial, but there are a lot of decent ones out there now. Samsung (after the 840 evo fix), San Disk and Intel (a bit pricey) are all solid choices. Kingston has some issues with the low end 300 units and PNY is a crapshoot. Some are packaged with decent controllers, other are packaged with crap. Size? I have 2 RAID’d (stupid idea BTW) 120GB Crucials, and SC is killing my game partition with the massive patches. So I’d look for 512 or a 256 and a faster rotational drive for storage. Don’t count out a Hybrid Seagate either.

Power Supplies? Never go cheap, and pay attention to the warranty. is one site to look over for recommendations. My personal fave is the Seasonic SS-760, which can pretty much run any single GFX card with no issue and more than likely SLi two 970s with little drama.

Cases. Buy something with filtered intakes and bonus points if you can buy replacement parts after the sale. If you happen to have pets, avoid open top cases.

Beside all the above. The 2500k isn’t a slouch, and 8GB of memory should get you though to release, so if you have money to burn, I’d look at a 970. Then wait a year or two , then move the 970 to a new build. Hopefully by then big DDR4 DIMMs and 6 core processors will be common (yes, I just ignored AMD there, since they are in the same rut now that Intel was in circa 2004-2005 with the Prescott P4)

Fantastic info! Thanks for your expertise!

I was thinking of the same idea you mentioned at the end; getting a 970 and then waiting.

I was looking the 970 on anandtech last night and it seemed that the EVGA 970 FTW was the way to go…unless you can drop a mint on a 980 which, ya know…I can’t.

Thanks again!

I’m going to suggest SSHD’s, the performance in the real world is nearly the same as SSD’s and a 2TB SSHD is only $120. I use SSD’s a lot at work, and they’re great for certain tasks, but for a general purpose desktop PC, complete waste of money.

Happen to know what case manufacture and model you have? Some cases (like my TJ08-E) cool better with the reference blower cooler over an aftermarket twin fan setup. Something I learned after i bought the “better” EVGA 660ti Signature. And well, the “titan” style blower cooler is not as bad as most reference designs. My next card will more than likely be a 980 with the titan cooler. Hoping for a sale or two come November or December.