People who are interested in going to PAX EAST

If you want to go to Pax east put your name on the list in this forum. tell me whether you know you can be there for sure or whether your not sure but want to go etc. if you have circumstances that need to be taken care of before you have the ability to go then keep us informed.

I’d love to go, but my gut reaction is that it won’t be feasible for me :frowning:

Will likely be able to go. Will know for sure around the new year.

about 90% sure ill go for all 3 days

What are the dates?

the dates are march 6 - 8. it is located in Boston Massachusetts. i will be driving there from montgomery alabama. if you are on my way i can try to give you a ride. i will just need people to get snacks and gas for me :smiley: