PC wont boot up

I got a bit of a problem i.imgur.com/GUvhdCT.jpg problem is my cd reader wont work and usb doesnt seem to work either. I tried using the Memok! button to reset bios. Dont know what else to do.
Also this happend after the computer froze during an update of the bios and i was forced to restart my pc.

That isn’t a good error.

Yup im trying to get it to do a flash with a bios but it wont pick up my USB.

Yeah, I think the motherboard might have gone bad.

Yeah my last hope is to get a working cd reader and trying to reset the bios that way.

Hi Aston

You might try using the jumper on the motherboard to reset CMOS:

[url]How To Reset CMOS - YouTube

Yeah i tried doing something similar on my motherboard didnt work. But i bought a new dvd drive to replace my non-working one so i can hopefully reset it through dvd.

Does this error come up before or after the splash screen?

straight to this screen.

Gotcha. Going to ask a really dumb question, have you taken out the CMOS battery? Or even replaced it?

So received cd reader today. Installed it at first glans it looked good i got a screen saying somthing about drivers and then the screen went black with nothing happening my motherboard said it needed a bootdisk/drive or something like that so i thought turn off pc and connect my drive with operating system. And it still showed a black screen sadly, with the screen not receiving input. No red lights on mu motherboard. And i have a feeling im left with 2 dead videocards. Because apparently last time my new r9 290 died with the bios failure. And now my old HD6870. So that was fun. Going to a local pc shop here in my city to see if he can do anything otherwise going to be looking to RMA my motherboard and videocard.