PC upgrade plan


What do you use three computers for?


Can u tell me pl how is vega doing for SC ?


multi-tasking - gaming, watching stuff (videos, streams, sling, crunchyroll, etc), programming, browsing/looking up stuff, designing 3-d models, etc.

long trip to Hurston? no need to alt-tab out to do something else and possibly get killed

and eventually… the ability to be in more than one place in SC at the same time, which will be useful for checking the prices of commodities in a couple of places to know which ones will net the best profit, or for obtaining a more lucrative mission, or having a hauler bring back salvage or ore so the reclaimer and orion can stay in the field longer, or just for keeping an extra pair of eyes/hands on a large ship, like a kraken, polaris or endeavor, in case they’re needed while I’m off doing something else with my main. space is a big place and a lot of time can be wasted while sitting in a turret or traveling through quantum

there aren’t enough hours in a day for me to do everything I want to do, so being able to multi-task helps


Good question. I hadn’t really tried that yet since it’s too early to bother with multi-boxing.
So I fired it up…

Started out at 2560x1440, Medium settings on PO and was getting around 30fps, often dropping down to 28. Not fluid or a very good experience at all.
Dropped it to 1920x1080, kept the Medium settings. That bumped it to 35fps in the main room at PO, and didn’t have a problem staying about 30fps which helped a lot, but not nearly good enough.
Spawned a ship and flew it to Daymar. In space, and down on the ground, was easily staying around 65fps. Much better.
Bumped the settings to High and still maintained 60-65fps.
Flew up to orbit and looking at the planet it dropped to about 50fps.
Flew over to Yela and with all those asteroids it fluctuated between 45-55fps.
Flew back to PO and it was about 40fps until I went to land, and then dropped to 25-30fps when I got close.
But then when I got out of the ship it jumped back to 45-50fps, even inside the station, though it would drop to 35fps, and occasionally 25fps, while I ran around.

So in conclusion, it performed OK, but a little lower than I hoped. On the Telemetry, it matches an Intel i7-6700K and GTX 1080 and says an average of 55fps.
In comparison, Telemetry says my system with the 1800X and 1080Ti (SLI disabled) gets about the same average fps, but pushes 3440x1440 at Very High settings without dipping below 40fps.

The new Radeon VII is supposed to score about 17% higher than the Vega 64, but about 6% lower than the 1080Ti. So with a modern processor it should score an extra 10-15fps over what the Vega 64 got, and be able to run with higher textures due to that 16GB of HBM. The 2080Ti and a 5GHz Intel CPU is still the best you’re going to get for gaming right now, but I really hope Ryzen’s 3rd gen at 5GHz can compete.


SLI is still not incorporated into sC and may never be so avoid it. 1700x is working great and m.2 drives work wonders but suspect ssd drives see more then enough. Built to stream sc. Will be rebuild in '22 most likely. (Don’t recommend the tt case cooling and dust are always a concern)