PC Rebuild – Mumble Question

So I just did an upgrade & rebuild of my Win 7 64bit box.
And I’m about to install Mumble, I do have my old exported Mumble cert.

However I’ve been wanting to update my ADI Mumble name from TheMark to The_Mark.
TheMark is my StarCitizen Community Monicker, but The_Mark is my StarCitizen Handle.

My Questions:

  1. We should be using our StarCitzen Handle for Mumble, is that correct?
  2. If I should make the change to The_Mark, would it be best to join the ADI general lobby and ask for a new ADI cert, or should I load my old cert, join in Mumble and change my name another way?

Thanks for the advice!

Your mumble name must match your forum name here, so no _'s

Roger that, thanks Jay :wink: