pc problem

going to try and get my pc fixed while I am in Denver over the weekend. and don’t want to set up mumble on this backup laptop. just wanted people to know I have not drifted away.

Hi !

Thanks for letting us know, good luck with your PC, and I hope you’ll be able to join us back soon :slight_smile:

Well whats wrong with it or did I miss a post? There a ton of intelligent people in the clan that maybe able to help you and save ya some money. I’m no expert but I’ve always been able to fix mine unless it is software that’s about 50 50 :frowning:

posted in the tech section. think my boot hard drive is fried. I am on the road (drive truck) and am making a delivery, in Denver, in the morning. going to go to best buy and see if they can break it open and tell me for sure.

In that case good luck. Can’t do much fixin while driving just not recommended :stuck_out_tongue: I feel your pain, you drive them and I fix them.