Patch 1.1.5's affect on racing and each of the ships.

This post is for those of you who don’t go on reddit and maybe want to check this out. With all the massive changes to the flight model- racing is a new animal (for some ships). This is a rundown of how each of the ships was changed and how to fly them now.

-Also, sorry, the post is formatted for reddit so It looks a bit ugly on here :frowning:.

Patch 1.1.5 Racing Notes

Over all, racing is now more complex. You need to take nearly all turns a bit wider and be gentler with your turning. Boost is a VERY limited resource on the 350R and M50 and this makes going all out very difficult.

Before this patch, control over ships was very simple for the most part (where you pointed - you went)
-It didn’t feel like your ship had any difficulty with any maneuvers.

1.1.5 really gives you the feeling of flying in a vacuum, having your ship strain against momentum to turn.
-Might be a bit too much drifting as it stands but I’m enjoying it.

Ship Settings
GSafe and Comstab still have the same basic functions but now their effect is quite different for each ship.
-GSafe: increases how much your ship drifts in an attempt to keep you from passing out.
(don’t use this when racing unless you pass out constantly)
-Comstab: when you turn it slows you down before letting you accelerate in your new direction.
(don’t use this when racing if you can help it) (good for combat)

With the introduction of 1.1.5, ship’s maneuvering is now dependent on the thruster’s position on the ship.
This means each ship turns differently now.
Some ships favor Yaw turning (left and right) and some favor Pitch turning (up and down).

Mustang Gamma/Omega

Now a well balanced racer, drifts a lot but boost makes it completely manageable.
Still flies the same way for the most part, much more drift when not boosting though.

-(60/40 Yaw/Pitch split)
-Yaw seems to turn faster and keeps more speed.
-Use Yaw turning.

-Boost is consumed much faster than previously but the Mustang’s have much more boost than the other ships.
-Plenty of boost for each turn in Old Vanderval x3 laps.
-You will need to boost for most turns, the Mustang drifts too much to race aggressively otherwise.

-Very fast acceleration from 0-Max, no boost needed.

-Takes ~4 seconds to stop without boost.
-Takes ~2.5 seconds to stop with boost.

-Small but noticable effect, just a little bit more drifting when turned on. More noticable on sharp turns.

-Gentle comstab effect, turn on or off, up to you.


New best racer, its strong positive pitch makes it very easy to control.
Drifts much more in all directions BUT positive pitch (up) so basically make all turns upwards. Boost not needed for the most part.

-(30/70 Yaw/Pitch split)
-Yaw loses a whole bunch of speed, turns fast, but behaves like comstab is on.
-Pitch loses very little speed, smooth.
-Positive Pitch (up) is much faster than negative pitch (down).
-Try to only use positive pitch when turning.

-Boost consumption is a bit more than before and the M50 has a very small amount of boost.
-The positive pitch turning on the M50 is so strong that you should boost on only the tightest of turns.

-Slow acceleration from 0-Max, boost needed. (15-20% of boost used to accelerate from 0-Max)

-Takes ~5 seconds to stop without boost.
-Takes ~2.5 seconds to stop with boost.

-Unnoticable effect, I’d keep it off just on principle.

-Aggressive & overboard comstab effect, for the love of god never turn this on for an M50 when racing.


Huge nerf, tiny amount of boost, unbalanced. Fastest top speed but it drifts like an 18 wheeler on ice.
Still the fastest on the first track if you are a good pilot, but drops off hard on the 2nd and 3rd tracks.

-(55/45 Yaw/Pitch split)
-Its close but Yaw is a bit faster at turning.
-Both Yaw and Pitch are very smooth and lose close to no speed.
-Use Yaw turning mostly but good luck racing, this thing drifts like crazy.

-Boost consumption is huge and the 350R has a very very small amount of boost.
-You need real talent to race the 350R to its full potential and conserve your boost for 3 laps.
-(forget the 2nd and 3rd tracks, borderline impossible)
-Unless we are only drag racing this ship it needs more boost!
-There is no way at all it can compete with the other racing ships on the 2nd and 3rd track.

-Very slow acceleration from 0-Max, boost needed. (25-30% of boost used to accelerate from 0-Max)

-Takes ~9 seconds to stop without boost. (Its absurd, soooo slow! Needs a buff bad imho)
-Takes ~3 seconds to stop with boost.

-Medium effect. Adds a good amount of drift when on. (Keep off at all times on the 350R, even in combat)

-YES! does what comstab is SUPPOSED to do, helps to make tight turns manageable, works very well.
-(Keep it on for racing, your choice for combat)
-Comstab off makes flying very smooth but lacks control.
-Comstab on makes flying a bit jerky and unpredictable at times but adds control to turns.


New and Shiny! Not enough speed to be a racing ship yet but it sure does handle well! Fun to fly.
Having so much fun with this thing, cant wait till I can customize it!

-(40/60 Yaw/Pitch split)
-The Merlin behaves a lot like the M50 in regard that its positive pitch is very strong.
-Both Yaw and Pitch are very smooth and keep speed moderately well.
-Try to only use positive pitch when turning

-Boost consumption is low/balanced, good amount of boost but it doesn’t recharge. :frowning:
-I was using ~20% boost for each lap in on Old Vanderval
-Positive pitch turning on the Merlin is strong enough that you should boost on only the tightest of turns.

-Medium/Slow acceleration from 0-Max, boost needed. (10-15% of boost used to accelerate from 0-Max)

-Takes ~10 seconds to stop without boost. (It just hurts! But this is a small interception craft so…meh)
-Takes ~2 seconds to stop with boost. (Fastest stop time but you have to use that precious boost)

-Not noticable at all, I’d keep it off just on principle.

-Balanced and great when making shallow turns but if you take any sharp turns it will drop your speed to 0.
-(Keep it off or else make sure you turn it off for sharp turns)

Excellent, I quite enjoyed that!

Thanks for this summary.

Fantastic. Thanks for the rundown Z.

Waiting for the Avenger

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Very awesome breakdown, Shame RL has been eating up a lot of my time, and my roommate in ARK, though it seems much of the ORG is in the same “rut” so to speak. At any rate, I am, as of writing this, patching the new update. Hopefully I will be able to fly after the patch chuckles Need to knock some rust off.

This is a great breakdown, thanks! I’m happy to see that the Omega/Gamma have become a little more competitive, and I agree on the merlin. Hopefully the Archimedes will be able to race too. :wink:

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the Super Hornet also has a strong positive pitch :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Very much for the run down. I have an Omega (only ship currently and was lucky to get it) and I noticed during one of the free flights with the whole mustang series that the Omega recharges it’s boost MUCH faster than anything else there (probably most ships) making that ram scoop on it a sweet deal to stay fast on maneuvers. Also I have tried the Avenger on 2 separate free flights now and I noticed it got it’s top speed slowed down from 230 (Early 2015) to 225 as of writing this (September 2015), not much of a difference but it’s there.

Excellent, thanks for the info this is very helpful.