I have been looking for an Org to be part of for quite some time. I think that it will make SC game play more interesting. I am mostly interested in Exploration but plan to take part in everything that the game has to offer with the exception of piracy. I would rather protect people from piracy than partake in it. That just seems more fun. Looking forward to some fun times. See you around.


Welcome to the organisation and hope I have been a help as we prep, and get you onboarded.

I am also interested in exploration aspect, but specifically will take the opportunity if it comes ever in the role I currently am in. I would rather be a support for the organisation because I see this being an important asset in the future, and have the ability to assist in difficult matters for members.

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

Welcome to AD OvidsonI!!!

I had the same hopes about joining an organization and I can say it is nice having a bunch of people to play with. The nice thing about this organization is that even though you want to be an explorer you can still take part in any other division. My self I want to be in the military division but also be into commerce and transport. If you need a gunner in your explorations let me know!! And again, Welcome to ADI!

Hi Ovidson,

Welcome to ADI! It sounds like you have certainly found the right org for you. Playing in a group makes pretty much every game better. Be sure to hop on for the organized mission sessions running this week (you can find them on the calendar). Hope to get a chance to fly with you soon.

Welcome to ADI, An ORG definitely makes star citizen a lot more fun, I’m also super excited about exploration most of us are. There’s normally a few of us flying every evening feel free to jump in mumble and look me up.


Welcome to ADI, I hope that you will find that gameplay within an organization is the most rewarding. I think you’ll find with ADI this is a unique format where playing the game with others is as simple as joining the chat on mumble. Weekly missions required skill and competency and offer a place for everyone to improve and learn coordinated teamplay.

I’m an exploration fan myself, and I’m looking forward to the many gameplay options coming into the game. Currently, visiting outposts, and cruising around the planets offers some fun gameplay. Make sure to check out Beny-Henge and find the lost Javelin.

See you around the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, Ovidson! You’ve definitely joined the right Org. We will have a large exploration presence and we don’t take kindly to pirates! I’m sure you’ll fit right in. If you have any questions about SC or ADI, please let any of us in blue know. PMs are welcome any time here on in Discord.

Welcome, Ovidson. It sounds like you have landed in the right place with ADI. I was pretty bored with the development of the game until i was invited to the org and I have not looked back since. This really a friendly and knowledgeable gaming community. I am also to hear that a fellow explorer is joining our ranks. It will be interesting to see how the exploration mechanic is developed. See you around!