Overclocking 2060 super?

Whats up everyone,

So…should I try overclocking my RTX 2060 super? I’m getting around 30-60 fps right now. That old question lingers though…“Could it be better?”


overclock, schmoverclock.

Keep this in mind - With overclocking comes instability. Right now, most of the “stable” overclocks on the 2060 super basically put it near to on-par with the 2070…not much of a jump.

So you can squeeze a couple of frames out of it but at the cost of less stability and more heat…and heat eventually leads to death for components…It’s kind of like red-lining your car every time you drive it. Sure, your 0-60 time is going to be a bit better but it puts additional strain and wear on the engine.

Is it worth it?