Overall Speeds of SC

So here I am bored at work and got to thinking…

In SC ships have top speeds, and I’ll list some of the ones I am familiar with in order of their top speed:
Merlin – 240 m/s
Avenger – 230 m/s
Hornet – 200 m/s
Constellation – 150 m/s (mentioned by CIG)

Now, let’s look at the speed of things that exist today:
Me walking – 1.2 m/s
Me driving on a west Texas road – 25 m/s
F1 Race Car – 71 m/s
A 747 cruising speed – 173 m/s
F15C top speed - 503 m/s
Space Shuttle – 5,334 m/s

Ok, so does anyone else see a problem here? I think CIG should have limited ship acceleration and not speed. Oh well, I guess this is done in the name of playability.

Putting a max speed on a ship is purely for gameplay and game design reasons, there is no physics to back this up at all.

I would love to see them limit acceleration as opposed to velocity, but you and Sangoria are correct, it’s done for gameplay reasons.

Can I removed the “governor” as can be done in cars.?
Increase speed at the expense of maneuverability.

I understand limiting speeds, but come on… slower than current day fighters!

It’s all good though, just thought it was humorous.

I remember there were several discussions on RSI forums and reddit on max speed and there were two main points on speed limit:

  1. Fun factor - there is no fun in space jousting.
  2. CryEngine limitations - it cannot handle complex physical objects moving above certain speed and projectiles must still move faster than any ship in game.

There were quite a lot of people that propopsed setting hard speed limit on all ships and modifying acceleration to keep them all diversified but I doubt anything will change in this matter anyway.

Aren’t that 240 m/s for Merlin?

Yeah, it and the avenger are screwed up… will correct. Thanks.

Nope. This is all about game play. I just posted this as I thought it would be entertaining.

I dont know about you, but for realisms sake i think of it as your relative speed compared to orbital speed. for instance. the asteroids around you are probably flying around a sun or a planet at orbital velocity, and at the given instance that you are currently flying in, your speed is how much faster or slower, depending on your point of view that you are going, compared to orbital velocity, of course that would mean that one of the directions would make you loose orbital velocity and make you fall towards the object which you are currently orbiting, but i try not to think of that because orbits are not acutally a thing in star citizen. never the less that’s what i consider it. not your actual speed, but your relative speed.

I would wish for no limit to vehicle speed, but a limit to vehicle acceleration, but as said it’s an engine limitation, oh well.

I had actually visited this topic a while back, but for a different reason. I approached it more along the lines of “how are we supposed to travel many light years at these speeds?”.

That question has since been answered. The answer…Quantum Drive. The Gamescom demo of multicrew displayed this very well. My only question left is this…Will it be like Elite: Dangerous’s FSD, where you can fly at many times the speed of light while in system travelling from planet to planet and have control over your ship and a load screen while travelling between jump points, load screens for everything, or faster than light travel with ship control?

As for the current speeds…they’re fine for dogfighting and short distance flights.

I understand QD allows us to travel at high speeds from point A to point B within a star system, but I still think it is a cop out by CIG that ships are limited at such low speeds. I do not play flight sim games where combat is involved, but I doubt jet fighters in any of those game are traveling at this low speeds… and that the games mechanics can handle the higher speeds.

While jet fighters IRL can fly at such speeds, they cannot turn when doing so. If they do, they’ll rip off a wing or more.

For mydartswinger. Take a look at the link below. It shows what flying between two different star system, by going through a jump looks like, but as far as i have heard and read from 10 for the chairman. I understand it as you will be in control of the aircraft when flying through a jump point, trying not to damage the ships which is gonna be one of the hazards of being an explorer, because if you decide to go in a jump point that is too small for your ship, you could severely damage it. As for inside a star system, As we saw in the games com presentation. In system longdistance will be with a quantum drive for almost FTL flight. below is footage of a gladiator flying through a jump point:

Jump Point and Quantum drive are two different things. Mydartswinger is talking about Quantum Drive from planet to planet.

Quantum Drive is 100% automated. You the button that engages QD to your destination and it is all auto pilot from one point to another and is fast, but only 10% that of the speed of light.

Jump Points on the other hand are a pseudo loading screen. When discovering a new jump point, you have to control the ship and avoid obstacles to successfully navigate a jump. Discovered jump points on the other hand are said to require no additional work like that of an undiscovered jump point. So, transitioning from one system to another through a discovered jump point is mostly automated.

And finally, you can fly your ship from planet to planet via a slower quantum drive that you can control manually, but instead of it taking 20 minutes to get across a system, it would take more around the realm of and hour, maybe two.

This is all according to interviews from 10FTC.

They could just add a zero to the speed stats, not changing gameplay at all. Problem solved :wink: